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24 hour Unlimited Roadside Plan

24 Hour Unlimited Roadside Assistance

On joining MCA, you will be eligible for the Total Security Plan, which will also provide you with an unlimited roadside assistance that includes help during lockout, battery issues, towing, fuel travel reservations and trip planning, $500 as reimbursements for travel assistance, $5,000 in case of vehicle theft, $25,000 of bail bond in case of vehicle manslaughter or negligent homicide, $1,000 protection for your credit card, $2,000 as attorney fee assistance and nearly 65% discounts on prescriptions, vision, dental, hotel and rental cars. In case of any emergencies and accidents, you can claim up to $500 and $54,000 if you are admitted to a hospital due to an accident and $50,000 will be the payout to your family in case of death or injury.

Emergency Roadside Assistance

Product Lines
TVC Marketing’s products comprehensively cover both personal drivers and professional drivers. When you become a TVC Marketing Associate, you can sell these products in person, in truck stops and online.

TVC Pro-Driver is the premier service protecting professional truck drivers’ commercial driver licenses (CDLs). Covered drivers who receive either a moving or non-moving violation call upon our national network of local CDL attorneys to fight the ticket, reduce fines and keep points off their record.

Not only do we protect our truckers’ livelihoods, we help protect their families. We offer roadside assistance for their family’s personal vehicles and substantial discounts on travel. Our professional drivers have the option to be covered by a $50,000 accidental death benefit so if anything happens to them, their families are taken care of.

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Motor Club of America (MCA) members are protected no matter what might happen to them on the road. With true unlimited roadside assistance, members can quickly get 24/7 help for car trouble or an accident and unlimited free towing to the nearest service facility. Should they receive a ticket, we are the only service with attorneys who will fight that ticket in court. Stranded far from home as the result of an accident? We’ll pay up to $500 for food, lodging or transportation.

MCA members are covered on Emergency Room visits and in-hospital stays resulting from a covered accident or, should the worst happen, a $10,000 accident death benefit.

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Benefits at a glance:

Unlimited roadside assistance ( Unlimited Service Calls)
Legal defense for moving & non-moving violations
Emergency room visit and hospital stay associated with a covered accident
Unlimited towing to the nearest service facility
Lockout services
Coverage for an accident or if stranded away from home
Travel assistance
Credit card fraud recovery
Travel concierge
Accidental death benefit